Silvia San Nicolas, Esq., President & CEO

Ms. San Nicolas’ is the founder of NGC.  Silvia has been advising and working hands on with highly regulated businesses in achieving long term strategic goals by identifying regulatory opportunities for the creation, implementation and deployment of existing and new compliance and data centric technologies, market strategies, compliance service solutions and risk mitigation strategies designed to meet regulatory burdens imposed by local, state and federal law.  Ms. Nicolas is licensed to practice law in Washington (1999) and California (2005), and Oregon (2017).  Ms. San Nicolas is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, and Seattle University School of Law, and holds the designation of Senior Claims Law Associate from AEI and a CA Licensed Real Estate Broker.

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Erin Woodmas, VP of Operations

Calm in the Storm   

Erin Woodmas is a Native Californian who was born in Humboldt County. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from California State University Fullerton-Emphasis on Cultural Research and Communities. Recognized for her flexibility, strong knowledge base and ability to provide solutions to complex problems, she is the calm in the middle of the storm. Cannabis products have always played a huge role in her life and upbringing. It is such a versatile plant, that it can and is used, for so much more than smoking. It can be used for everything, from helping with nausea to making clothes. "We must work together to navigate this New Game of Compliance!"

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John Vogeley, Director of Technology Solutions

John runs the NGC technology initiatives.  John has successfully managed technology projects for top tier corporations throughout the US and manages platform sales.  “Making a difference through technology is the objective, client success is the goal.” - John Vogeley

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Joe Bowerbank, PR & Marketing

Joe handles all aspects of NGC PR and marketing.  Joe has been engaged in professional communications and marketing for corporations in highly regulated markets his entire career.  “Its about getting information out to the people that need to know in a sticky way” - Joe Bowerbank

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"TBD" Director of Research

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Research Team

Brandon Khamenian


"It's all about efficiency!"

            -Brandon Khamenian

Maximilian Shamley


“What do I do? What do you need?” 

- Max Shamley